8 Disruptive Start-ups made it to VROOM 2016

On October 7, 8 disruptive start-ups from all over Europe made it to the VROOM 2016. As an exclusive invitation-only fundraising event, VROOM brought together select tech companies with extraordinary potential, tech executives, AND investors such as family offices, high-net-worth individuals and venture capitalists. VROOM presented an exclusive international networking environment, as well as a privileged opportunity to invest in innovative and disruptive businesses at the beginning of their journey.

The 8 start-ups were chosen from a pool of equally diverse & disruptive start-ups by a panel of experts from White Castle Partners. The first four start-ups to take the stage were The Electric Jukebox, Dazzle Rocks, Keyfetch & Fitle.

The Electric Jukebox, a plug and play device that turns a TV into the ultimate jukebox machine with millions of songs and no subscription, is set to change how we play music at home for good. Dazzle Rocks, based in Helsinki, the gaming capital of Europe will create the next evolution of mobile games, creating the epic adventure mobile entertainment for the East & West markets. Their games are not only story-driven and possess a global appeal but also make players interact socially with other players. The third presenter Keyfetch Group’s mission is protecting the things people don’t want to lose. They do this via 3 brands that are available as white label, de facto “Intel Inside” solutions: Keyfetch, TagMyPhone & Petfetch. Their fourth brand Hikitag is also a white label platform designed to help luxury brands issue digital authenticity certificate for products. Fitle, a portmanteau of the words fit & style, redefines online virtual fitting for shoppers.  Fitle has developed a cutting-edge technology that creates your very own 3D model, based on 4 pictures, that possesses your exact measurements and even facial features.

The second sets of four presenters were PassNFly, Kompas, Vallie and Clickly. PassNFly offers automated check-in for passengers, enabling them to use a universal boarding pass that can be used for any airline. Kompas, another travel related start-up, seeks to revolutionize travel itineraries by using artificial intelligence, learning through user profiling and location tracking – a world first! Vallie, an on-demand parking provider making waves in its native London, is changing the way a driver parks cars. With its amazingly convenient drop anywhere/return anywhere features, secure parking facilities and in-app chat experience, Vallie is working to build the city of the future, one less congested road at a time. Clickly, the final presenter, came all the way from Portugal. It is the first content recommendation platform blending native placements with premium video inventory. With Clickly, it’s all about engagement, allowing publishers to sell new inventory directly to advertisers.

VROOM 2016 was also made possible by a number of amazing sponsors and partners: Digital River, the global expert commerce, marketing & payments platform; Dynaudio, the Danish high-end manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio equipment; and Maison del Gusto, makers of Gusto boxes and a well-known Monegasque brand offering  international gourmet food and wine excellences to individuals and companies.

Each presenter had 15 minutes of pitch time followed by a 5 min interactive Q & A with the audience. The evening ended with the presenters and the participants networking and connecting over excellent food and wine, against the backdrop of the beautiful harbor of Monaco.

On behalf of our partners, sponsors and the presenters, thank you for joining us.

Watch out for the invitation for next year’s VROOM. See you then!